Increasing Customer Loyalty

Increasing customer loyalty and growing the business by understanding and meeting customer needs

A large utility company offered residential and commercial products and services.  They offered the small to mid-sized commercial companies their residential product.  There was a high churn and negative customer feedback.

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Using secondary research and then primary research we were able to identify what were the three core elements the existing products and services offered that met their needs, and what was the root cause of their frustrations.  Fundamentally the core of the services met their needs, but the customer service needed to be better tailored to their requirements.

Working with the customer service team, we were able to address these concerns and deliver the additional customer service with limited impact to the contact centre.  Then we repositioned the products and services to demonstrate we understood the customer and their needs.  We activated an existing sponsorship to host two large launch events, and invited key customers to share the process and the new offering.  Churn reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

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