The Role of Employees in your Crowdfunding Campaign

As we celebrate Labour Day, it seems apt to discuss a topic that often gets sidelined in the crowdfunding sphere: the role of employees in your crowdfunding campaign. Their untapped potential could very well be the secret ingredient for your venture’s success.

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Activating Your Internal Crowd

When it comes to crowdfunding, the notion of “activating your crowd” is often bandied about. However, this crowd should unquestionably include your employees. They are not merely individuals who execute tasks; they are your brand’s first ambassadors.

Providing the Necessary Tools

If you’d like your employees to share your campaign effectively, you need to arm them with the right tools. Consider creating a social media toolkit that includes ready-to-use tweets, compelling visuals, and key talking points about the campaign. You might even run a short training session to guide them on how best to share these assets. 

Authentic Endorsements Build Trust

An endorsement from an employee carries a unique form of credibility. Employees can authentically answer questions about your company culture and the work ethic behind it. This adds an invaluable layer of trust to your campaign, often making the difference between meeting your fundraising goals and falling short.

Offering Investment Opportunities

The next step is giving your employees an avenue to invest in the campaign. It’s important to note that this should be an option, not an obligation. The last thing you want is to create an environment where people feel pressured or judged based on their financial choices.

Value Alignment Drives Investment

People often choose their workplaces based on how well the company’s mission aligns with their personal values. If your organization stands for something meaningful, you’ll find that employees are more likely to support it—not just through their labour but also through investment.

Benefits of Employee Investment

1. Enhanced Commitment: Employees who invest are likely to be more committed to the company’s objectives, essentially doubling their stake in your success.

2. Alignment of Goals: When employees are also investors, there is a shared sense of purpose and a unified vision for what the company aims to achieve.

3. Transparency: An employee who is financially invested will value transparency, which can lead to a more open company culture.

4. Boost in Innovation: Investment from employees can also stimulate creativity and innovation as they become more committed to the company’s long-term success.

As we take time this Labour Day to appreciate the hard work and dedication that fuel our enterprises, let’s also consider how to empower our employees as both contributors and beneficiaries of our crowdfunding initiatives.

Until our next communication, remember that your most potent crowd might be the one that’s already with you—right in your office.

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